Zeta Reticuli

by Modulator ESP

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Zeta Reticuli 01:14:00


Zeta Reticuli is an experimental deep space drone, using layered analogue sound sculptures subjected to extreme digital processing with a variety of additional analogue and digital timbres added for interest.

Equipment used: Korg Mono/Poly analogue synthesizer, Sequential Prophet 5 analogue synthesizer and Sequential Prophet VS digital vector synthesizer

Like v early Tangerine Dream - Zeit era, only more minimal - truly space music. The first 8 minutes, a slow intergalactic soundscape, builds to the entry of a big metalic a-tonal slab of noise, rotating and evolving by minute 17 fading then rejoining in the mid left of the stereo field, almost forming into a melody - but never quite.

By the time you reach minute 19, the theme has crept over to the right before subsiding back into a distant re-statement of the opening black night storm. The sonic density up to minute 26, remaining mid right, middle distance while some very subtle, almost inaudible (I was listening to this quite loud on high-end headphone; Sennheiser HD580 that pick up everything) interweaving non-music tantalises at the edge of perception.

At min 30, the background wash drops suddenly to a bleak insistent single note that focuses in intensity and volume, rising, centre stage in the soundfield, pulling in another sonic blizzard in it's wake, evolving into a fragmented melody theme, in the manner of Klaus Schulze's Body Love/Mirage/Dune.

Minute 36 sees some lower register entering from the left and the main theme dissolving once more into a rising windstorm, that by minute 40, crescendos into intense clusters of tone. The melodic theme re-joins at minute 44, pleasingly distant, and at 46:31 a nice counterpoint emerges briefly holding onto a very long single note that sustains and modulates at min 54 into a new high, melodic line.

The piece starts it's descent at around minute 60. Briefly (in the context of the pace of the piece!) a shimmering shoal of tones swims around the stereo field, and a new melody is stated before fade to black. A deeply enjoyable work of great restraint and subtlety, and an absolute must for all space music followers.

Alan Walker, Landschaft

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released March 7, 2007

Artwork and layout by Jez Creek


all rights reserved



Modulator ESP Nottingham, UK

Modulator ESP is an adventurer in sound. He produces improvised experimental soundscapes, using synthesizers, sampling, sequencing, looping and processing to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between ambient, berlin school, drone, space music and noise. All albums are recorded live for Adventures In Sound or at other performances. Contact me if you want CDRs of any albums. ... more

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